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Herd of young South African Boer Goats

We raise primarily South African Boer meat goats.  They are influenced with the highly vigorous Kiko breed from New Zealand (link to Kiko Goats), and Jim Willingham's unique Spanish meat goats from 8-Mile Ranch in Uvalde, Texas. (Willingham's techniques were written up in the October 1996 issue of Goat Rancher Magazine.)  We can supply:

  • Beautiful breeding stock.

  • Super show animals for 4H and FFA

  • Wonderful Wethers for meat or brush control.

  • Fabulous full-blood Boer bucklings from excellent, ennobled bloodlines.

For a list and pictures of current stock for sale, email:   MOboergoats@jscomm.net.  or call: 417-674-1946

Bloodlines can be found at our " Sires" page.

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