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The Smoothest Riding Horse in the World!
      Over 450 years of selective breeding have gone into producing the ultimate pleasure horse -- the Peruvian.  With its four-beat lateral gait called "termino", the Peruvian horse gives its rider the smoothest ride in the world.  Its ancestors were the horses of the Spanish Conquistadors, brought to Peru to conquer the New World.      Smooth Riding Peruvian Paso Horses

   Ultimately the Peruvian horse was bred to go long distances, comfortably. In Peru the horse was used by plantation owners to oversee large farming operations.

   The average height of the Peruvian horse is between 14.1 and 15.2, providing a horse that is easily mounted and dismounted. His temperament is excellent. His willing nature and desire to please make him easily trained. The breed is carefully watched to maintain the desirable characteristics inbred in the horse, i.e. smoothness, excellent temperament, strength and gait.  They also possess "brio," an inner pride and energy so beautifully appealing to horse-fanciers.   Peruvian Paso Mares and Foals

     Their coloring ranges from all the basics to gray or roan. Because of their direct link to the Barbs, they may also show striking color tones and shadings.  There are only about 12,000 in America, and 20,000 world-wide.  For horse-lovers of all ages, truly the Peruvian provides the most enjoyable riding and relationship available in the equestrian world today. 
 Peruvian Paso Horse showing his smooth gait                                                 






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