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The Boer breed was developed in South Africa for their meat, hardiness and brush control abilities.  They were brought to the U. S. in 1994.Many people now feel that Boer goats are the best meat goats that one can raise.  They can consistently produce more muscling in less time than other breeds, and will pass this capability to their kids.  Boer cross kids can reach a market weight of 50 to 75 pounds by 5 months of age.  (A weight gain of .5 pounds a day in crossbred kids has been proven to be attainable). Boers are hardy, adaptable and quite easy to handle.  These are the main reasons we have chosen to build our herd on the Boer breed.South African Boer Goats in loafing shed

  Boer goats are normally large animals, generally with a white body and a colored head or hood extending down the neck.  A reddish brown head is the most sought after.  Solid red Boer goats are also becoming quite popular.  Mature weights between 200 and 300 pounds for males and 120 to 200 pounds for females are not abnormal.  They have distinctively long ears that hang down along the sides of their faces.  Their bone structure is larger and thicker than most other kinds of goats.  Expect to see a deep, broad chest, straight back, strong shoulders and heavy muscling in the rump. South African Boer Goat Herd

A 10-acre farm should easily support 25 - 40 does and the buck to service them.  Goats, especially Boers or Boer crosses, can prosper on poor pasture and brush that would not support cattle.  Many breeders find the fact that goats will eat berry bushes, multiflora rose, trees like hedge and locust, and most obnoxious weeds (including “iron” weed and thistle at certain times of the year) to be an important factor when deciding to raise goats.  More and more ranchers are finding that is good pasture management to turn goats in behind their cows to clean up the weeds.

 Goat meat has a lower fat content than lamb, beef, or chicken and is eaten regularly by over 70% of the world's population. The popularity of goat meat in the United Sates is rising dramatically.  One reason might be the improved flavor that the Boer adds to the meat.  Breeders have reported that their Boer kids are ready for market sooner, and their customers will actually pay them a premium for their meat goats if they add Boer blood to their herd!  (For a more complete resource article on meat goats got to: http://attra.ncat.org/attra-pub/meatgoat.html)

South African Boer Doe nursing kid






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