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John, Merre & Seth Putnam  Herd of South African Boer Goats at Ozark Highlands Ranch     Carthage, MO


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Our Farm and It's Purpose

After many years in Christian ministry and business in Southwest Missouri, we were able to "slow down", buy the neighboring farm, and get "back to the land".  Unfortunately, this farm was severely distressed having belonged to an absent owner for some 25 years.  The fields were full of buck brush and raspberry plants, locust and hedge sprouts.  We had eight flat tires the first season we tried to mow the pasture.  The fences were patched together with warehouse racking and bed springs.
Fortunately, some friends told us goats could reclaim the land better than chemicals and we would still have our investment after we spent the money.  We took their advice and now are well on our way to rehabilitating this beautiful farm and making it productive with over 100 high-percentage South African Boer meat goats and 4 beautiful brood mares.  It took just two summers for the goats to clear the most pitiful pasture. Peruvian Paso Horses align=
Our horses are from two of the most desirable breeds on earth:  the Peruvian Pasos also known as the "smoothest riding horse in the world" and the  Percheron Drafts  usually called "the gentle giants."  Both breeds are characterized by a calm and teachable nature that helps us accomplish our goal of creating a safe environment for our grandchildren.
Now that the barn is restored and most of the fences are replaced, the goats annually provide area meat consumers with approximately 85 high-quality, organic "chevon" and "cabrito" which are lower in cholesterol and saturated fat than chicken.  In addition, we can supply approximately 85 highly desirable Boer does to the market for breeding stock.  Several full blood Boer bucks from sought -after bloodlines are also available each year for breeders and those showing at county fairs.     Ozark Highlands Ranch
We continually research new ideas and streamline our methods in an effort to offer the best meat goats and horses in the Midwest.  Whether you have a farm to restore or want to taste some of the best meat you will ever eat, stop by and see us.  We've always got time to "set a spell" and talk about how to save the family farm!

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